Having 20 years of legacy, the D. I. G. Organization had come along way starting with supply and service in the field of Industrial Items supply, Iron & Iron Ore supply and Commission Agent and service unit, it has now diversified in the field of Information Technology (IT) and hence     D. I. G. Infocom was formed on the 18th day of November in the year 2006 and gave born to it's sister concern on the 1st of December in the year 2008 in the name GLOBAL NET SOLUTION.

Firstly it started with Computer Education; becoming the first Certified Academy of LINKCON INFOCOM in India other modules were also included.

Beside it’s B. P. O. (Business Processing Outsourcing), it has it’s own marketing and development division and D. I. G. Infocom has started it’s own project on computer hardware’s with the help of the established distribution network and business partners, D. I. G. Infocom, a unit of D. I. G. Organization is aiming to increase its client base in India and abroad.